Friday, 9 December 2011

Creative Rail - East Coast - Railworks 3

Unless you weren't aware, Creative Rail, creators of the excellent "China Clay for Export" are working hard on their next release, the first stage of a 3 part "East Coast" project for Railworks 3. The following is taken from their website, and more information along with regular development updates can be found by clicking here.

We are pleased to announce that an ambitious project has been launched to recreate part of Britain's premier route - East Coast Main Line.

Our aim is to reproduce this ever popular iconic route in stunning detail, to which CreativeRail are renown for. Having said that, the performance of the route will be a major consideration to ensure that everyone has a good experience of using it.

With so much detail involved, it means that our intended main line run from Peterborough to York will be divided into 3 seperate releases comprising: Peterborough - Newark, Newark - Doncaster and Doncaster - York.

The time period chosen is 1980. A time when loco-hauled services still dominated the railway scene, but also when the decline began to set in for the diesel classes first introduced to replace steam.

With more modern traction enthusiasts in mind, it is hoped that an electrified version can also be produced to enable an authentic run for Inter-City 225 sets.

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