Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Steam - Railworks 3 - 50% Off Any Product

Thanks to Charles over at UKTrainsim for bringing this to the attention of myself and fellow users.

All Railworks 3 users should now have a 50% off coupon residing in their inventory on Steam. This can be used to grab any Railworks 3 product for half price, including the base product (for any new users of course). Instructions are as follows...

Simply open your Steam browser and click on "community" at the top. This should then have a screen on which when scrolling down, will show a blue 50% off coupon. Alternatively, if there is a "Steam (1)" tab present, click that to view the coupon. To the bottom right, simply click "view applicable games" and this will bring up a list of Railworks DLC. If you want to purchase something using the coupon, simply click "add to cart" and the discount will automatically be applied.

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