Friday, 30 December 2011

Upcoming Freeware Scenarios - Railworks 3

Although I tend to release a fair few scenarios, the vast majority utilise large amounts of payware, simply for my aim to be as realistic as possible and because they generally start out life as ones for personal use.

However, with the recent Steam sale, coupled with Christmas and a lot of new users coming on board, I have decided to complete the vast array of scenarios I had lying around, modifying accordingly to only use either default, or freely available stock. With the first batch based around the mid 90's era, this does not affect realism in any way, with real timetabled services from the period served by prototypical stock and reskins. Utilising new and old features, including scenario specific scenery and temporary speed restrictions, hopefully these scenarios should provide enjoyment for both new and veteran Railworks users.

Here are a couple of screenshots depicting one of the scenarios, "Inbound Commute".

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