Friday, 2 December 2011

Donner Pass: Southern Pacific - Update Tonight - Railworks 3

Following the recent, well documented issues surrounding the initial release of the Donner Pass route, have today announced that the first in a series of patches will be released tonight in order to rectify the problems. The following was posted earlier:

Tonight we are releasing the first of a number of patches designed to address the issues raised by our customers about the Donner Pass. While this patch addresses many of the glitches and terrain issues it by no means solves all the issues raised. We will let you all know when the next patch is ready in the near future. We would like to apologise sincerely for any disappointment caused by issues with the Donner Pass. After the patch is released this evening you may need to verify your cache. If you need to know how to do this, please email

Fix List:
• Fixed Floating Scenery at Truckee
• Fixed Floating Scenery at Colfax
• Fixed Tunnel Mouths around Donner Summit
• Cascade Bridge fine tuning
• Emirgrants Gap Improvements
• Added Casino / Arcade Signs to Reno area
• Checked all tunnels have correct cutting through terrain
• Fixed Floating buildings at Verdi
• Fixed gap in scenery north of Truckee
• More detail added to scenery south of Truckee
• Removed trees over roads near Donner Summit
• Added a missing bridge
• Added more weeds near Tunnel 29
• Improved scenery between Tunnel 28 - 23
• Added missing bridge at Auburn
• Fixed floating scenery at Auburn
• Improved Newcastle tunnel mouths
• Fixed floating scenery at Newcastle
• Added more scenery north of Tunnel 1
• Fixed floating scenery in the Rocklin area
• Improved Rocklin station area
• Fixed floating buildings east of Roseville Yard

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