Thursday, 3 October 2013

Class 90 Scenario Pack 01 - Passenger

I am pleased to announce that the first in a series of Class 90 themed scenario packs from DPSimulation later today.

Although the original schedule called for this pack to include a minimum of six scenarios covering operations on both the WCML and GEML routes, this has been scaled back to four scenarios on the WCML only. This is due to the recent announcement of both the AP Class 90 GEML pack along with the AP Class 321 pack, therefore all GEML scenarios are currently on hold.

The following is a scenario overview, along with the requirements needed for the scenario pack.

[DPS90-01] – 'Setting Sun' – Virgin Class 90

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 85 Minutes
Start Time: 20:23


It's a lovely evening in the north-west of England and you are in charge of a Class 90 hauled Virgin Trains service to Glasgow. Traffic is now starting to wind down on the West Coast Main Line, so no problems are anticipated, just enjoy the stunning sunset as you head north.


Starting at Carlisle, please first release the doors to allow passengers to board whilst also remembering to prepare your train for departure. Your scheduled departure time from Carlisle is 20:26 and please also remember to adhere to the white speed signs only.


There is a problem signal after leaving Carlisle which will not show any aspect other than red, this is out of my control. Once you depart from Carlisle and are approaching this signal, press TAB whilst in motion to gain permission from the signaller to pass.

[DPS90-02] – 'Preparing For Readiness' - Virgin Class 90 [CH]

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 15 Minutes
Start Time: 06:42


It's an early start for you at Polmadie as you are preparing to take some empty coaching stock from the depot into Glasgow Central. With the Class 90 operating from a cold start, you will need to spend a little time preparing your train before departing for the station.


Starting at Polmadie Depot, prepare your train from a cold start before departing and heading towards Glasgow Central.


This scenario has a suffix of [CH] which denotes it has been 'chained'. This means that on successful completion of this scenario, Train Simulator will automatically load the next part of this scenario 'DPS90-03' which is a continuation of this scenario.

[DPS90-03] – 'Early Riser' - Virgin Class 82 DVT

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 85 Minutes
Start Time: 07:34

It's a typical foggy autumn morning in Scotland and you are in charge of an early morning service from Glasgow Central to London Euston. Things are running smoothly so far this morning and no issues are anticipated.

Starting at Glasgow Central, please first release the doors to allow passengers to board. Once passenger boarding is complete, you are scheduled to take this service as far as Carlisle, calling at Motherwell en route. Please also remember to adhere to the white speed signs only.

[DPS90-04] – 'Buffet Shuffle' - Virgin Class 90

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 45 Minutes
Start Time: 14:31


Following some remedial work at Craigentinny depot, you are conveying a small rake of Mk3 buffet coaches to Polmadie. Although traffic isn't particularly heavy, you are not classed as priority traffic and can be expected to be held to allow passenger services to maintain their timetable.


You are currently being held at a signal east of Carstairs. Once cleared to proceed, head towards Polmadie depot but be prepared to make way for other services.


The payware used has been chosen to try and replicate the correct workings from the real world, where possible. Although the list of required payware is quite extensive, a large proportion of users generally have many of the popular items listed below and I make no apology for the use of these items in order to be as realistic as possible. Always remember that RWTools offers a facility to 'swap out' any items that you don't have meaning that these scenario packs should be accessible to all in some form.

WCML North – Steam
Oovee Buffered HST Pack - Steam (Included with WCML North)
AP Class 90/DVT Pack –
Class 325 EMU - Steam
RSC Class 86 Pack - Steam
RSC Freightliner Class 66 V2 Pack - Steam
Settle to Carlisle Pack - Steam
Oovee Class 156 Pack - Steam
AP HHA Wagon Pack -
RSC Class 67 Pack - Steam

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