Monday, 7 October 2013

Workshop Routes - Receiving Updates

After releasing recent updates to both City Lines and Edinburgh to Glasgow on the Steam Workshop, it seems that some people are receiving the updates automatically, and some are having to perform a manual step in order to force the program into displaying the latest version.

Although it seems that when I release an update, this will automatically download to subscribers when Steam is launched, or someone exits TS2014, any changes made are not apparent in terms of what is displayed in the route, and in some cases it is still showing the old version.

From what I can gather so far, there are probably two or three ways to force the changes should your route not update automatically after the update has downloaded......

1,  From within TS2014, head to the Collection screen and then click on Workshop Subscriptions. Let the program refresh your list of subscribed items, exit the workshop, go back to the game and next time you enter the route, it should be updated.

2,  Within the Steam Browser whilst in TS2014, go the workshop page of the route you have received the update for, click unsubscribe then subscribe. Exit TS2014 then reload TS2014 and it should be updated.

3,  I also have noticed that when subscribing to a route myself, despite Steam downloading all files, the route was not shown anywhere on my TS2014 install. Clearing cache made the route appear.

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