Saturday, 12 October 2013

Edinburgh to Glasgow - V1.1b Update Released

I have just published a new Steam Workshop update to the Edinburgh to Glasgow scenery extension which now includes the line too Slateford, including the yard and surrounding lines.

Subscribers to the route should receive the update automatically. If the route doesn't update, please follow the troubleshooting steps I posted to this blog recently. My Steam Workshop page can be found by clicking here.

The following are the changes made to the route....

Track added as far as Kingsknowe, with platforms at both Kingsknowe and Slateford.
Scenery added as far as Slateford Viaduct.
Full speed limits as per the real life prototype.
Prototypically signalled, with correct signal numbers.
Added Quick Drive functionality to cover the new areas.

Please note, if you are are a user that was competent enough to transfer standard scenarios from the original route to this version, these should still work ok. As the tracks.bin has now been modified, any career scenarios will probably cease to work on this new version.

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