Wednesday, 9 October 2013

TS2014 - Steam Workshop - Tags & Requirements

I'd noticed a lot of confusing posts about Steam Workshop tags and requirements in the near two weeks or so since Train Simulator 2014 was released, so I thought I would try and help clear it up a little.

Firstly, the system has been improved as of today, so rather than just having a mix of tags and requirements, they are now listed separately for easier navigation, this can be seen in the red highlighted portions of the screenshots below which represent both a route and scenario.

Also, I have noticed some posts on forums claiming that the tags were actually hidden requirements for the download which had to be deciphered, RSC were taking a lot of stick for this. Actually, the jumbled tags were not requirements whatsoever, only DLC that was listed in plain English was actually required.

To highlight this, look at the second screenshot for the Edinburgh to Glasgow Scenery Extension. Below the official DLC requirement, there are tags that are a basis of jumbled numbers and letters, these can be ignored by the subscriber as they only denote the GUID number of the route in question, along with two scenario template folders which are included with the route package.

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