Monday, 14 October 2013

Train Simulator 2014 - Freeware Database

After being contacted various times by users of the sim who have no facility to buy further content, I have decided to try and collate as much information as I can in order to provide a freeware database** both for my own benefit, and for that of others.

One sticking point is that not everyone now has the same 'default' content. For that reason, as the largest number of users would probably have existed before the content was debundled for TS2013, so my initial database collates all information based on freeware content that requires nothing more than the original 'Kuju' default content, GWML, ECML, HST, Class 47 etc.

It's important to note that this initial database does not contain reskins of free stock, nor does it contain routes that require freely available assets. The initial database has a caveat that nothing further is required to run the download, and should work provided this original 'Kuju' stock and assets are present on your system.

A second note of importance is that this is a mammoth project, and this initial publication only scratches the surface of what is available out there. For instance, many do not realise that much of the freeware content is still listed on many sites under 'Rail Simulator' or 'Railworks', both previous guises of Train Simulator, when in reality, that content should still run on the newest guise without issue. Despite only scratching the surface, it's already obvious to me that there is much more content out there, for free, than I and probably everyone ever thought existed. And this list is only going to get bigger.

Feel free to take a look, you might even be surprised to find something listed that you never even knew was available, and for free!

Routes - Link

There are initially over 30 routes listed and all, according to their respective download locations appear to require nothing more than Kuju content with the possible exception of the solitary APStation Pack, a link to which is provided on the database page.

Scenarios - Link

There are initially over 30 scenarios listed and again, all seem to require nothing more than this original default content.

Rolling Stock - Link

The rolling stock list is the most expansive of this initial release of the database and includes over 20 items of diesel & electric rolling stock/multiple units. There are also in excess of 30 steam locomotives and in excess of 40 items of passenger and freight stock.

** I have tried to provide the latest version for each item of stock. However, fragmentation is rife on certain download sites, and multiple versions of several items exist.

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