Friday, 25 October 2013

DPSimulation Prize Draw

People will have noticed in the past that I often post to show my appreciation to all of those who donate to DPSimulation. I'd like to go further than that, and try and give something back. Because I do not sell anything on the DPSimulation website, and therefore cannot offer things such as reward points or complimentary content, I've had to think of another way.

I will now hold a bi-monthly prize draw for all of those who donate. The first prize draw will be at the end of December or thereabouts, so anyone who donates between today (25th October) and the end of December will receive an entry into the prize draw for every £5 donated, there is no maximum entry limit. The winner will be picked at random from all entries received during the quaifying period.

The prize will most likely be an item of Steam DLC up to the value of £25, gifted to the winner of the prize draw. If a Steam sale is running at the time of the draw, the winner can choose more than one item of DLC up to the £25 value.

Once the winner is randomly drawn at the end of December, the names will be removed and a new draw will start the following day. The second draw will take place at the end of February or thereabouts, and draws will then continue on a bi-monthly basis.

Thankyou for reading and good luck to anyone who takes part.

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