Saturday, 26 October 2013

Edinburgh to Glasgow Extension - V1.2b Released

I have just published the latest version of the Edinburgh to Glasgow scenery extension to the Steam Workshop, this update brings the version to 1.2b.

Included in this upgrade are the following additions to the original route:

Track and scenery extension from Haymarket to Curriehill Groundframe.
Scenery extension from Larbert to Stirling.
Scenery extension at South Gyle.
Quick Drive functionality covering all new locations.

On the new section from Haymarket to Curriehill Groundframe, track is laid with reference to the prototypical gradients and also has correct speed limits, signalling and signal numbering.

One issue from an uploaders perspective is that one released, I've absolutely no way of knowing whether the upload has found it's way to subscribers, or even if the thing has updated properly, the download screen seems to say so anyway. If anyone does happen to read this and gets the update, be as kind as to let me know. Thanks.

The Workshop page can be found by following this link, or by using the in-game workshop page in Train Simulator 2014.


  1. Hello Darren, the update has downloaded after I went to Collection -> Workshop Subscriptions. However, I found that the Quick Drive scenario was still the same from the previous version.

    Looking at the zip file downloaded from Steam, I was able to find the problem. Whereas the route is installed in folder a2140f35, the scenario is installed in folder c374b8c6. Moving the scenario to a2140f35 solved the issue. I think this means everybody who downloads your route will have the same problem.

    I also found that in the zip file there are 2 Quick Drive scenarios that go to folder ffc02253 (the original E-G route). These files are exactly the same as the original making me think that they are superfluous.

    Hope this helps solving any issues. Best and keep up the great work.

  2. Hi, thanks for posting your findings. I believe this could be a result of me having to work on a clone of the clone, if that makes sense, then copying the scenario folder over. I'll endeavour to make sure this isn't a problem in the next update.